The Center’s RDE agenda shall evolve within the 2011 to 2028 National Climate Change Action Plan’s (NCCAP) agenda for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Consistent with the National Framework Strategy on Climate Change

1. Food Security and Sovereignty Section (FoodSec) with a goal to ensure food availability, stability, access and safety amidst increasing CC and Disaster Risk

2. Water Sufficiency Section (WaterSuf) with a goal to ensure efficient and sustainable water resources, individual right to entry and access quality of water

3. Ecosystem and Environmental Stability Section (EcoEnvi) with a goal to enhance resilience and stability of natural systems and communities

4. Human Security Section (HumanSec) with a goal to reduce risks of men and women and other vulnerable groups from climate and disaster

5. Climate-smart Industries and Services Section (Climate-smart) with a goal to make Climate change-resilient, eco-efficient and environment friendly industries and services, and sustainable towns and cities promoted, developed and sustained

6. Sustainable Energy Section (SusEn) with a goal to sustainable and renewable energy and ecologically-efficient technologies adapted as major components of sustainable development

7. Knowledge and Capacity Development Section (KnowCapDev) with a goal to enhanced knowledge and capacity of women and men to address climate change

  • Vulnerability Impact Assessment (VIA) to the identify sectors affected by climate change and climate related disaster.

  • Basic Research on Bio-physical and Socioeconomic related CC and DRR.

  • Policies and Governance

  • Capacity Development and Training

  • Green House Gasses / Industry and Energy Emission Inventory